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o●gy, runs from Jan◆. 8 to 11 i●n Las Vegas, Nev●ada. It is t○h

ries:time lThe◆ chilly temperature●s have not b◆een able to stop ●people in China fr○om shopping during ●the three-day Ne○w Year holiday. Ex●cited consu■mers are everyw●here, rushing to m■ake a purchase〓.It's all abo■ut shopping The N●ew Year holiday has ◆ignited enthusiasm 〓for consump?/p>

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, ever■yone is out to buy 〓something.Chen Bens●ong, Superma〓rket Manag◆er, said, "Our 〓daily consumer v●olume stands a◆t around 60-○thousand. Sales of c●lothing, h○ealthcare produc■ts and alcohol ●have doubl●ed."The government'■s moves to exte●nd its pro◆-consumption ●measures hav○e fueled the craz○e. People are sta■nding in long 〓queues to bu■y home appliances●.Wu Chaokun, S●upermarket Manager●, said, "It's● really hot t◆his year. The ma■cro-econom◆ic recovery has ○greatly bo○osted our ●businesses. Sa●les of TV sets, wa〓shing machines〓 and compu●ters have ◆all increased ○200 percent ●from a year earl◆ier."China move◆s to tap rural mar〓ket potenti■alThe document● said the governmen〓t would provide■ a 13-perce●nt subsidy to all ru◆ral buyers of home a○p

pliances, incl○uding color◆ TVs, refrige

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and their busin●esses and und○erstand new techno◆logy. Approximat

r●ators, mobile○ phones, washing○ machines and 〓freezers. BEIJING, M●arch 15 (Xinhua) -●- The following ◆is the full◆ text of the Report ■on the Work of t●he Government del■ivered by Prem○ier Wen Jiabao at t■he Third Sessi●on of the Eleventh N○ational People'◆s Congress on Marc●h 5, 2010 and adop●ted on March 14●, 2010: Fellow Deput●ies, On behalf of 〓the State ■Council, I n◆ow present to you m●y report on the ◆work of the governme●nt for your deli●beration and ap◆proval. I al〓so invite the member〓s of the National Co■mmittee of th○e Chinese Pe■ople's Politi●cal Consultative Con◆ference (CPPCC)● to provide◆ comments ○and suggestions. I.○ Review of Wor〓k in 2009 〓The year 2009 w●as the most diff○icult year ◆for our country■'s economic● development sinc〓e t

he beginning o●f the new cent●ury. This

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and topics●.

as◆t year the glob●al financi●al crisis was still〓 spreading,● and the world eco●nomy was in a d■eep recess■ion. Our economy was● severely a●ffected



; our● exports de〓creased significantl■y; a large numb●er of enterpris●es had oper●ating diffi

c〓ulties, and some eve〓n suspended p◆roduction or clos●ed down; the ◆number of unemploy●ed people increa■sed signifi〓cantly; many migrant■ workers had t○o return to their h●ome village■s;

and the pace ■of our economi●c growth suddenly ○slowed down. In th■ese unusually di●fficult ci〓rcumstances, th●e people o■f all ou

ed st■o

r ethn◆ic groups fortif○ied their con◆fidence, tackled d〓ifficulties head○ on, worke●d tenaciously


, and 〓responded calml●y to the im〓pact of the glob■al financial crisis■ under the firm l●eadership of ●the Communist○ Party of China ●(CPC). Our econo●my was the fir◆st in the world t〓o hav

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